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Introducing English Provender Co's Proper Pickle

Introducing English Provender Co's Proper Pickle

05 Oct 15

Introducing English Provender Co.’s Proper Pickle – pickle as it should be


If your sandwiches are feeling tired and sausage rolls low, fear not – a new generation of pickles have arrived to spruce up mundane meals and finally provide your farmhouse Cheddar with the partner it deserves. Naturally delicious, crunchy and all grown up, English Provender Co.’s Proper Pickle taps into the nostalgic taste of traditional sandwich accompaniments, but with an altogether more refined flavour and texture for the more discerning palate.


Packed full of flavour and the perfect amount of punch, choose between earthy Beetroot Proper Pickle, zingy Pickled Onion Proper Pickle or the traditional Proper Pickle in either Chunky or Finely Chopped varieties. Made with authentic, natural ingredients that champion British produce and with no added preservatives, colours or flavours, this is pickle as it should be. So free your sandwiches and salads from the shackles of normal pickle and join our crusade to deliver Proper Pickle to all!


If you’re looking to add a twist to your ploughman’s lunch or daily salad then Beetroot Proper Pickle could be the pickle for you. Rich and fruity, crunchy British beetroot is combined with a unique blend of pickle spices. Or, if you prefer your pickle to have more clout, then look no further than Pickled Onion Proper Pickle containing yellow mustard seeds. Using British-grown onions, a dollop of this zingy, properly British pickle will add a crunchy tang to your Scotch eggs.


Perfectly delicious with everything, whether you like your pickle chunky or smooth, a spoonful of the traditional Proper Pickle will add a tang to your toasted cheese and ham sandwich or game pie. Adding real crunch to every bite, chunky root vegetables and British-grown carrots are combined with a unique blend of pickle spices to create Proper Pickle Chunky, while the finely chopped root vegetables and British-grown swede of Proper Pickle Finely Chopped create a flavoursome pickle to enjoy with any tasty treat that takes your fancy!


So if you’re a lapsed pickle fan looking for something new or thinking of a fresh way to liven up your lunch, why not add a spoonful of Proper Pickle to you next dish or check out the website for recipe inspiration www.englishprovender.com. From canapés to light lunch ideas or snacks to keep you going, there’s little a dollop of Proper Pickle won’t improve

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